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Sandra Igwe is the founder and CEO of The Motherhood Group, a leading social enterprise dedicated to supporting the Black maternal experience in the UK.

Through her organisation, Sandra works tirelessly to provide vital resources, support, and advocacy for Black mothers.
The Motherhood Group has been commissioned by various organisations, including NHS England, to provide crucial support and reach mothers at the local level. Sandra also serves as the co-chair of the Southwark Maternity Commission, working to improve maternal health outcomes in the community.

Under Sandra's leadership, The Motherhood Group delivers a range of impactful initiatives and events. These include the annual Black Maternal Mental Health Week UK, which raises awareness and provides resources for Black mothers, and the Black Maternal Health Conference UK, the largest conference amplifying the voices of Black mothers in the country.

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The Motherhood Group also offers training workshops on cultural competency for healthcare professionals working with Black mothers, ensuring that they receive appropriate and sensitive care.


As the largest organisation focusing on Black maternal health and mental health in the UK, The Motherhood Group conducts research and provides insights to bridge the gap between the community of Black mothers and key stakeholders, including service providers and government officials.

Sandra's tireless efforts have established The Motherhood Group as a trusted delivery partner, highly respected by both the community it serves and the organisations it collaborates with. Through her leadership and the work of The Motherhood Group, Sandra continues to drive positive change and improve maternal health outcomes for Black women across the UK.

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