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Sandra Igwe: Innovator

As a trailblazing innovator, Sandra Igwe combines her roles as a content creator, author, consultant, and advocate to drive positive change in the realm of Black maternal health. Through her multifaceted approach, Sandra is revolutionising the way organisations engage with and support Black mothers, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are met.

Innovation through Content Creation

Sandra's innovative approach to content creation has established her as an influential voice in the Black motherhood community. With over 34,000 followers across her social media channels, Sandra showcases the honest and uplifting aspects of Black motherhood in creative and unconventional ways. Her captivating story-like captions and vibrant images provide a unique behind-the-scenes look into her life as a mother, entrepreneur, and advocate, inspiring and connecting with thousands of women daily.



Innovation through Consultancy and Engagement

As the founder of The Motherhood Group, Sandra innovates by consulting with organisations and charities to better engage and impact Black and BAME mothers and families. Her unique understanding of the cultural factors behind the shocking statistics surrounding Black women and health inequalities allows her to identify the steps organisations should take to diversify their beneficiaries and understand their specific needs. Through her innovative approach to consultancy and engagement, Sandra is bridging the gap between Black mothers and the organisations that serve them.

Innovation through Advocacy and Research
Sandra's innovative advocacy work extends to her involvement in various research and consultancy projects, as well as her roles as a co-chair of the National Inquiry into Racial Injustice in Maternity Care and a trustee of the Birthrights charity. By participating in these ground-breaking initiatives, Sandra is driving innovation in the field of Black maternal health, ensuring that the voices of Black mothers are amplified and their needs are prioritised.





Innovation through Literature

Sandra's forthcoming book, "My Black Motherhood: Mental Health, Stigma, Racism and the System," innovatively shares her personal journey and the voices of other Black mothers to shed light on the crucial issues surrounding perinatal mental health and systemic biases in health services. Additionally, her groundbreaking children's book, "Zoe and Chloe's Feeling," demonstrates her innovative approach to promoting positive mental health in children. The book's beautiful watercolour illustrations and catchy rhyming style showcase everyday feelings in a fun and imaginative way, making it an essential tool for diversifying family reading collections.

Through her multifaceted and innovative approach as a content creator, consultant, advocate, and author, Sandra Igwe is transforming the landscape of Black maternal health, creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for Black mothers in the UK and beyond.


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