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Sandra Igwe consults organisation's and charities to better engage and impact black/BAME mother's and families through running her social enterprise for the black motherhood experience, The Motherhood Group.

She is also a Trustee for Birthrights Charity.


She understands the cultural factors behind the shocking statistics surrounding black women and health inequalities such as; 

  • Postnatal depression and anxiety in BAME mothers is 13% higher than in white mothers. 

  • Black women are the group least likely to initiate treatment for postnatal mental illness.

  • Black women are also the least likely to receive follow-up treatment. This racial disparity is putting the lives of black mothers at risk as research in 2018 found that 23% of women who died in the postnatal period suffered from mental health disorders.

  • Study shows that professionals in the UK lack the training and the confidence for identifying the specific needs of black women – causing black mothers to ‘fall through the net’.

  • Black women are five times more likely to die during childbirth.

Sandra can help identify the steps an organisation should take to diversify their beneficiaries as well as understand their specific needs.

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